Custom Mfg. In-House

- Prototypes

- Ceramic & Metal Substrates
- Safety Engine Shut Down systems

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Engine Exhaust Emissions Systems             Muffler-Catalyst Combinations 

         Safety Engine Shut Down systems               EPA & CARB Emissions Certification


- EPA/C.A.R.B. Emissions Certification    - Certification Program Design 
- Program Execution
- Engine Emissions Testing Services


- Testing Equipment & Systems
- Custom Engineered Testing Systems
- Mini Benchâ„¢

Small Engine Catalytic Mufflers Designed and Manufactured to meet every need.

Manifolds and Heat Shields.

High Performance 3-Way Catalysts designed and Mfg. In-House.

Engine Emissions Shutdown systems and Oxygen Sensors.

US EPA-CFR-40 part 86 & 1065 Experts. Emissions Certification Services for New

Engine Families or New Engine configurations.

Catalytic Mufflers

- Small Engine Catalytic Mufflers
- Custom Made Catalyst Systems
- High Performance Catalyst Systems